laber => work
intos => inner

" The labyrinth is a universal symbol that we find in all times and civilizations. Why? Because it connects us with that search that gives meaning to our lives, with what moves us... And with all the difficulties that arise in our attempt to achieve it"

At the moment we arrive into this world, we come in total innocence, love, wonder and emptiness.  Being easily moldable and programmable, we begin to believe everything that is presented to us, empowering the creation of our own lenses from where we begin to filter life. Without realizing it, the experiences that we were integrating, concluding and accepting, make life translate through that vision that we were forming for years, and it is from this conditioning that our actions and decisions have a great weight in the way of creating our own reality. Our mind, which at first was pure and unlimited attention, is transformed into all that we were learning and storing through thought, senses, beliefs, concepts, the body and emotions, an identity is built, a " I am”, an ego, an accumulation of everything experienced and learned, creating a mask that makes us connect with the world .
But what if during the creation of our own mask, we lose ourselves in a deep sleep, in a never ending corridor, in a constant evolving labyrinth, being just a marionette of our own self? 
 Like a pilgrim, the spectator is encouraged to walk and wander throughout the whole artistic experience, as a metaphor of life, not only being a mere spectator, but an active creator of their own path, with the ability and possibility to shape, create and destroy their experience and surrounding in and attempt to find and entrance to their own labyrinth. 
What is your labyrinth? 
I don't know, but I imagine it's a mix of everything you've lived with, mixed with a bit of what you'd like to be and even with what you'd like to feel, and we can also add a bit of illusion to the recipe. , dreams and of course frustration and disappointment.
 We enter?

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